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Green Option Providing Product Protection

In the last two decades of scientific developments, molded fiber packaging has emerged as a potent understanding of the material properties.  Approximately 20 years back, the molded fiber was emerging and was a very niche market, which revolved around only eggs packaging. The call for environmental sustainability has imposed usability norms over plastic packing solutions. Combined with its increase in demand, molded fiber has found a wider field of application in packaging solutions.

The 21st Century Fiber Pulp Story

The concept of green packaging solution is undoubtedly a hot trend. Huhtamaki group is expanding the possibilities of better shipping solutions and accelerating the adoption of advanced molded fiber packaging applications.  Marketers of UFP technologies are promoting in-house engineering teams to deliver 100 percent recycled molded fiber for distributing electronics worldwide. The key players are rolling out solutions into various industries such as the food and beverage industry, automotive packaging industry, home and personal care industry consumer durables and electronic goods industry, and others. The Asia Pacific has experienced enormous industrialization due to technological advancements and availability of huge manpower. This has opened up new trade dimensions for new participants and is thus expanding the horizons of conquering international markets.

Our research report provides qualitative and quantitative as well as provides deeper insights into a rational scenario and prevailing development methods adopted by major players of the market.

Key Vendors: The primary market participants include Huhtamaki, UFP Technologies, Moulded Fibre Products Limited, Henry Molded Products, Brodrene Hartmann, Cullen Packaging, EnviroPAK, Footprint LLC, Heracles Packaging Co. SA, Keiding, The Haddy Companies Inc and   Asia Pacific Pulp amongst others.


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