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3D Printing Is Already Shaking the Ground for the Age Old Theory for What Was Thought Of Impossible To Manufacture

Every manufacturer or designer strives to experience the magic of transforming an idea into a physical prototype, they can hold in their hands.  Additive manufacturing was a process designed in the early 1980s to create three-dimensional objects. These traditional methods are now replaced with modern Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). In this process, a single nozzle head is used to extrude molten plastic material into a build platform, which is then supplied in the 3D printer. Stereolithography (SLA), fuses liquid materials together using UV laser spray. However, SLA is more sophisticated and expensive than the FDM.

  3D technology is still in its nascent stage and is yet not available to common people. Nowadays computers are on every table, and it is now well said that teachers and students would want to have a 3D printer on their desks to aid them to learn core learning subjects such as science, engineering, medicine and other disciplinarians.  A lot of ongoing innovations are taking place under the hood of technology, and there is a tremendous buzz around the novelty of its features.

3D printers are giving hopes to build care-free structures of the most complex shaped designs that companies need to consider in their futuristic business strategic planning. Innovative advanced apps for mobile phones and tablets make it easy and efficient to create designs and send them to a 3D printer for its physical production. These apps build up students’ skills using design platforms. However, the primary reason the technology is able to positively influence the learning process in design is the ability to learn through several trial and errors.

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