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Technology to Make Buildings More Energy Friendly

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) is a briefing on the programs to offer the development of sustainable buildings standards that can help people to make optimized and efficient use of their daily energy requirements. Through federal energy conservation standards, despite a number of homes containing heavy devices, the total annual energy consumption has come down by 10 percentage.

Attributed to the continuous technological breakthroughs, now a majority of the devices in our homes comes in a power-saving equipped format, slashing all the harm caused by radiation or carbon emission. Thanks to a national laboratory, which has helped us envision the goal to witness the marketplace transform into an even more sustainable era for new electronic devices and appliances. With the advent of increased investment in research and development (R&D), by a number of private and governmental organizations, has helped develop new protocols that effectively save the consumer money and make the ecosystem more agile. According to the Buildings Energy Data Book, the U.S. residential and commercial buildings expenditure in the year 2010, was calculated up to $431.1 billion and is also anticipated to reach 474.9 billion dollars by 2030.

In Pursuit Of the Sun

Going Solar Is the Smartest Technology Available Under the Sun

A major issue that is neglected in the quest of industrial development and modernizing lifestyles, is the climatic degradation that these processes impart. However, how renewable energy is the answer to this problem is becoming prominent and its adoption is picked up recently. The solar energy consumption is faring in the light of new mandatory reforms and it can be easily acknowledged for transforming and omitting hurdles in power regulation.

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