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The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Happening In the Context of Accelerated Intertwining Technologies


The world stands at the brink of transformative forces unlike any humankind has ever experienced. The first industrial revolution has mechanized production sector by generating power sources from water and steam. Academia, stakeholders and civil sectors had clearly responded positively to the integrated and comprehensive transformations. The second welcomed the application of electric power in manufacturing sectors and the third automated production using electronics and information technology.

The advent of the fourth industrial revolution has brought an unprecedented fusion of global technologies, which has blurred the lines between digital, physical and metaphysical spheres. Major sea change unfolded with the arrival of digital transformation in the middle of the last century, which laid its foundation on historical precedent breakthroughs. Industrial 4.0 has come across another concept, called industrial internet and internet of things. IIOT is the convergence of modern industrial systems and cutting-edge computing, analytics and novel levels of connectivity permitted over the internet. Ever since IOT is in making, the internet has successfully connected millions of devices over the scope of the global client-server platform. Similarly, IIOT is building upon the cloud-based platform to deploy applications very fast and scale across a globally distributed environment.

The IIOT platform vendors are aiming to capitalize on the evolving industrial needs by strategically indulging in partnerships and collaboration with their fellow market players. Small is large organizations are onboarding the Industry 4.0 journey by becoming a part of the big-crowded scope of internet and fog computing.

“In the fourth industrial revolution, the Learned will be disrupted by the learner. We are focused on building Learnability as the core skill set for the future workforce” – Karl Mehta

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