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Prison Management System Software Market Describes Present Scenario and Future Prospects Growth over Period of 2018-2026

The online prison management system is a web-based application software that hosts and manipulates prison records.  Prisons play a significant role in creating a safe and sound environment for citizens. PMS software provides features that enable the management to access and manipulate inmate data.  It has also incorporated features where outside visitors can ask for visiting permits or book appointments via email.

The web-based system is aimed at changing the prevailing traditional manual monitoring systems and arm it with advanced search and storage method. With the increasing rates of criminal occurrences has mandated institutions to become more critical owing to the fragile nature of security establishment. Previously prisoners were interviewed asking their particulars and were authenticated by physically mapping their photo with their face. Now using the PMS solution in real time, each inmate is tagged uniquely and are allowed entry upon scanning their fingerprint or other biometrics. This has permitted the removal of the old roll call attendance system. It also helps the administration to track the record of criminal cases, parole register, releasing register, outside visitors and contractors details, in-out timings of the prisoners.

The Prison Management System (PRISMS) was launched by the Government of Goa, which was a part of e-Governance initiative and has commenced establishment of new initiatives to launch ICT-enabled prison administration and management systems in the country.

Our report discovers opportunities and trends within the market and provides insights into the current segment of the Global Prison Management System Software Market. Ongoing industrial advancements and penetration of internet have showcased the noteworthy growth of this worldwide market.

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