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How negative feedback can reflect learning and growth

In most organizations, reviews are embedded as a valuable tool to analyze whether things are going in the right directions or not. To be told that your work is not meet the desired expectation of the yardstick rule can be demotivating. A business is meant to deal with people, and when there are people coming into your growth canvas, there are going to be negative feedbacks. However, how companies deal with them is what is called as business strategies.

Information economy has made feedback systems mandatory in order to understand the demand-driving, and therefore driving towards customer satisfaction and engagement. Now with the rising importance of consumer experience and popularity of information technology, people are empowered to give feedback fostering a constructive chance to work on organizational weaknesses and strengths.

Uber Mastered Feedback

Uber has been an early player to take the idea of ratings to quickly identify driver problems and promptly improve their service. Slipping a driver’s rating below a certain standard can impart a warning to the driver. The best part of their rating system is that it is a two-way system, wherein the driver can also give a rating to their passengers. For instance, if a passenger turns out to be abusive or non-cooperating, the driver is entitled to give a poor rating. Thus, this rating becomes visible to the other Uber drivers and may choose not to pick him up the next time.  Their strategy not only ensures customer satisfaction but also protects their employees.

How are you dealing with resistance?

Many emerging businesses tend to believe that a negative feedback may sink down their growth.  But the most important thing that we as entrants need to understand is that negative feedbacks are insignificant when given a response. When you provide immediate response, it builds a trust showing that you care about them. It opens up a line a line of communication thus, developing respect for your brand.

Unsatisfied customers or employees, when not addressed correctly can leave your organization with a hole to fill when they leave.

Be extra rigorous about making the best possible thing you can. Find everything that is wrong with it and fix it. Seek negative feedback.

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