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Cooing Your Baby Alone Cannot Make Him Wiggle, An Organic Sponge Bath Will!

A gentle baby care is the most important thing to help your new one attain dermatological safety. Walking and waking up with a baby can really be a matter of joy but giving the best care is pretty challenging and also scary. Babies during their first year of go through a lot of changes and are prone to suffer from various health issues. For instance, their skin may undergo changes with the occurrence of rashes on a frequent basis, which in fact may be dealt with without with or without any medicines. As babies have a very sensitive immunity system and are prone to health conditions are dengue, A baby’s skin is delicate and keeping him away from fragrances, harmful chemicals can protect his skin from dryness, chafing, and rashes. A is born with wrinkly skin baby has a sensitive covering called as vernix, which protects it from any form of infections.  Using a pediatric or medicated cleanser is always a wise option rather than using all the baby products available in the market. Experts quote “It doesn’t have to lather, to be clean”. Makes sense isn’t it? Well yes, using soap-free cleansers can restrict skin problems such as eczema. Naturally, their skin is re resilient but is surely prone to irritation, therefore using petroleum jelly or a zinc oxide based product as a diaper cream to make their skin happy. A soft sponge cloth and water is the safest option altogether, but if you are willing to go for wipes, choose the alcohol-free ones.  Experts say that as a moisturizer petroleum jelly is the “golden standard” than any other ointments or lotions.

During thunder, create a wonder

During monsoons, babies need enhanced care treatments and their skin becomes prone to skin diseases due to the retention of the excess moisture in their skin. Rashes over their skin are equally responsible for bringing all types of skin issues. Fungal infections are quite likely to attack your babies during this period. Sometimes the skin also tends to become dry and must be replenished with a baby lotion.


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