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The Smart Shading Solution


Smart blinds are more competitive than ever. It is undeniable that pulling of curtains manually, especially the heavy one is not an easy task. This task could be simpler with using the automated remote control solution to control its operation using a switch or a smartphone.

These motorized curtains can be set to a program by which it automatically opens up at the dawn and can shut down when the sun sets in. What has made this technology so un-complicated at it seems like? These curtains have attached sensors which can control the shades applicable for a particular time of the day. The smart window covering are convenient to use, allowing you to create your perfect and personalized ambiance.

This industry has provided an array of options to choose from, which best fits the needs of your home.

  1. The small wand

The small battery wand simply runs on lithium batteries and is just like any other remote control device that we generally operate. The lithium batteries are used due to its property to withstand the sun’s heat during the scorching days of summers.  The only drawback of choosing these battery based wands is that the lithium lasts for only a year and will be required to be replaced then.


  1. Like the sunflower, which follows every movement of the sun; aka the solar-powered sensors.

These have rechargeable batteries behind the windows, which uses solar power to charge themselves. It works more like the solar panel we usually fit on rooftops to capture the natural power of the sun. With the increasing importance of saving electricity, solar-powered sensor curtains are the best option to raise or blind slat your home. Also, they have been equipped in such a way that it automatically detects when the sun gets too harsh and closes the curtain. After a year or two, the speed of its operation shows down, thus giving a hint to replace the rechargeable battery.

  1. Get hard-wired to sit in the shade.

Hard-wiring homes can be considered as highly suitable as it can be easily installed using a 110-volt wire setup that plugs directly into a power outlet. These systems may create energy costs but it also cuts you off the regular maintenance of replacing the battery. The hard-wired system is durable and powerful, thus making it an ideal match for heavy blinds.


Moreover, whichever motorized curtain type you may choose, it comes along with a huge variety in colors and fabrics, matching your distinct sense of style and enhance your house’s appearance.

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