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Digital technology has rolled out solutions at the point where consumer goods companies were tripping down

The digital technology has found the most vibrant new tools that have blissfully transformed the way companies think to innovate dimensions to take big and bold strides into the future. For instance, the popular brand Nyx designed a system to gather the metrics of user-generated content to calculate the impact of each of their product has on their trade landscape. The common restraint of shopping online has been the lack of interactive features to break the “touch and feel” barrier. It partnered product development and brand building, bringing them on the same track and empower their front-line staff and drive overall growth.
The fourth industrial revolution is now becoming a reality with its digital solutions being incorporated in manufacturing processes and worked its way into creating a cloud-based hub that automates data collection and exports, managing employee emails thus, substantially decreasing the paperwork needed. Consumers have been buying groceries in a totally different way ever since technology joined in, thus bringing a big-way revolution and is definitely hitting its stride.
The latest and advanced technology is making retail execution easier.

Augmented reality:
A study done by industrial analysts have discovered that tags and labels no longer entice people into buying particular products but instead it has been observed that people tend to browse through their mobile phones while shopping. To enhance their brick-and-mortar store experience as good as web-based personalized shopping, IBM developed the AR app that leveraged interactive features to coherently penetrate consumer engagement. Such similar apps help customers to virtually try on outfits and shoes, thus saving their time and making shopping more convenient.
Image recognition:
Consumers are addicted to simplicity and do not like navigating through a million of the screen to get to their desired designation. Cutting out paper coupons is no longer a convenient way when digitization has made it possible to take snapshots of receipts and submit them over the cyberspace to the company’s website via the app interface. The same technology has empowered store managers and reps to process bills and acknowledge signatures for the receipt, and payment using a mobile device.
Intelligent automation:
Chatbots has proven to be the key metrics for measuring the ROI on conversations over the artificial intelligence platform. If you have ever had a live-chat conversation with a representative over a company’s website and got a feeling that the person you are talking to on the other side could actually be a robot, then this is uncanny and offers a glimpse of how science has impacted the ability to create supplant humans. The dramatic advancements in machine learning have made Chatbots extraordinarily popular and are more likely to positively construct its roots in the consumer goods industry in the future.

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