The rich goons are now lending hands to the deprived

Globally, personal wealth has gained a 12 percent hike from 2016 and has reached up to $201.9 trillion which is the strongest annual pace in the last five years. External investors who are not a part of the U.S. territory, got an exchange-rate bonus, which resounded the equity markets and swelled fortunes; a major currency that is strengthening against the greenback.

According to a report, the growing number of millionaires and billionaires now hold almost half of the global personal wealth which differs around 45 percent from the year 2012. More than $5 million of assets with 42 percent of investable capital is held by people in North America which had almost $86.1 trillion of total wealth. These investable assets include equities, investment funds, cash and bonds.

Anna Zakrzweski, the reports lead author said, “The fact that the wealth held by millionaires as a percentage of total wealth is increasing which does not mean that the poor are getting poorer; it means that everyone is getting richer.”

Asia is rising:

Asia is up hilled from 19 percent to $36.5 trillion last year among which 57 percent of that is held by the Chinese residents. People have stated that personal wealth is remarkably rising in the Asian regions. China, which now ranks second worldwide in terms of financial wealth was last year’s big winner after it overtook Japan in the last five years. The numbers of millionaires and billionaires are the biggest driver of growth in the Asian country as it was called the biggest affluent segment with $250,000 to $1 million of investable assets; and during this tenure China was trialing U.S.

At the top, Eastern Europe and Central Asia has the greatest concentration of wealth with billionaires holding almost a quarter of investable assets. In the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI) , 28 Eastern Europeans have a total net worth of $294 billion, which is a gain of $3.4 billion so far in 2018. U.S. having the largest number of people with more than $20 million, are expected to reach the ultra-rich rank which is about 671,000 by 2022.

 If personal wealth continues to gain hype at the same rate like the past few years, the annual growth will rise up to 7 percent from 2017 to 2022 in U.S. dollars which will turn out to be a wealthier success.

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