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The virtual “try-on” solution

Today customers are more inclined to have interaction in a better perspective. They find something inauthentic and feel like they really cannot grab the thing that you are selling, leading them to drift away from the particular brand. Their service is far cry from the reality where leaving a comment is considered as sufficient interaction.

Several research studies done by Research N Reports have shown that a majority of the customers find brands that use virtual reality as more authentic and “forward-thinking”. Despite what people think of VR, this technology generates a virtuous circle of shopper engagement that kicks off. The customer takeaway from retailers “makes or breaks” the success of this kind of solution.

Remembering Virtual Reality is a pie-in-the-sky idea.

VR and AR are being incorporated not just by in-store sellers but also by online brands. For instance, Lacoste created an app named LCST Lacoste AR that empowers customers to virtually try on shoes. American apparel is yet another brand, which has incorporated in-store signage and mobile-driven experiences. While using this app from American Apparel, a customer could open it to scan a picture of signage and pull-up the respective product details, which includes, color variants, other customer reviews, and it’s pricing. Many cosmetics brands have pulled out AR/VR out of customers’ hands and have hung it on a wall, calling it the “magic mirror”. To test iconic looks, simply sit in front of the mirror to try out clothes more conveniently without actually having to wear them physically. Shoppers can see a virtual image of themselves on the big screen and not having to go through the size hunt in the fitting room trials. Users select a garment of their choice and the virtual mirror powered by augmented reality and RFID technology scans the user’s image to superimpose it with the outfit.

Brands have gone as far as to bring in not only the overall shopping experience but also a complete brand experience. The utilization of this technology has been helping in so many ways by providing information on available sizes and colors of apparels of their choice and providing cross-sales of their items.

“Virtual reality mirrors can record one’s measurements and display clothing items on a virtual version of yourself, an experience that offers convenience for shoppers and data for the retailer” according to Tamara Sender, a well-known UK fashion analyst.”


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