Interesting Moves in EHR Sector Makes First Half of April Action Packed

EHR wise, so far April has been shipping up to be an active month and this holds true for both small and big hospitals. Recently Rankin County Hospital District announced its integration with EHR so as to improve the user experience which would be beneficial for both doctors and patients and is in fact the second Hospital in one week to opt for an integrated Cerner EHR. However, new hospital EHR implementation are not confined to Cerner alone. A case in point would be Saint Charles Madras Hospital in Oregon. This Hospital completed a two-year epic rollout and subscribed to eClinicalWorks which is a cloud-based EHR service for advancing to value-based care of patients.

Not only is the EHR implementation active in the community and government sector, the private sector is also adopting EHRs. A case in point would be Mercy Hospital in Missouri. This hospital has created a cloud for hosting imaging services, EHRs, and common apps such as file sharing and e-mail for hospitals that will become customers of Mercy Hospital!

The state department is also planning to pick its next electronic health record. EHR maker Allscripts has realigned its business operations so as to concentrate on Innovation as well as care coordination by acquiring the Team of Care Port Health. Thus, it is not incorrect to say that the first half of April has been action packed so far in terms of electronic health records.

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