Biometrics: Making lives easier!

The world is getting more connected and digital day-by-day and this is turning cyber security to a paramount. Hackers can cause immense damage by hacking a network that could shut down all the significant digital coordination systems. Therefore, it is suggested that computer systems should have strong and high-level security authentication. Password is always the fragile link in the entire chain even in the firms that spends millions of dollars on security. This is the place where ‘Biometric Systems’ play a supreme role in advancing the security of cyber systems.

Know what the companies are up to –

A system based on fingerprint or iris recognition has the least, in fact, no chances of getting hacked compared to a password. Biometric devices that are present in the market are authentication machines and security identification. All of these devices use automated methods, which have physiological characteristics such as facial images, fingerprints, iris prints, and voice recognition to identify the living person. With the dawn of the fingerprint sensor and facial recognition in the newest iPhones and Android smartphones, all the mobile app development companies are trying to discover numerous mobile applications for biometric systems.

These days, thumbprint recognition has become accessible for users in all the smartphones, due to which a lot of banks have incorporated this feature into their banking mobile application. The fingerprint sensor, which is also termed as touchID in iPhone, is integrated to unlock the banking apps and sanction the payment. This layer of security avoids the ability of people from peeping over the shoulders and hack the passwords.

You need to understand the most important layer of this protection –

  • Privacy Protection

You might have got or get prone to privacy attacks with typed passwords if you’ve kept your personal images or videos and then realize that someone has taken a look of it or have copied it with them. It is worse in the case of a stolen phone. But, here if you have a biometric password, you can sit back relaxed and calm and assure yourself that the mobile phone can never be hacked. Don’t worry! Your data is secure even if your phone is not. Apart from this, this new, trending and reliable security method can be used for payroll management and Human resource management, for passport operations and banking account management as well.

The best thing about biometrics is that people are relieved from the responsibility of design and remembering a strong password. You don’t have to remember your fingerprint; it’s a part of who you are!

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