Mobile Users Can Access And Experience The AI-Powered Google News App

Google announced that they will soon develop a new version of AI-enabled News app to fight fake news. A newly redesigned version of the Google News App is rolled out in 127 countries for Android and iOS users today. The revamped app has replaced the older version of the news app.

The idea behind redesigning the app is to fight fake news issues and get access to the news easier, as well as providing a customized experience to the readers as per their choice of media and publication. The AI component incorporated in the app helps the system understand user behavior, interest and selection of content to offer ideal content, along with a clean and clear layout.

Starting the app shows a “For You” tab which provides a quick access to the top 5 stories of the moment and customized selection of articles based on earlier interest and region. The next segment is “Headlines” which is majorly focused on the latest news globally, of major nations and of hot and trending things going on in the world. Tapping on the story allows the reader to access the full coverage with much supportive and additional content over the web.

It additionally has a tab called “Favorites” which allows the user to set a customized section of the content they like or follow over time, without any interference of AI. It works the way a user wants it to, and allows you to mark desired subjects, location and content sources to filter out your reads. An added option for saved searches is also added in the revamped version of Google News App.

Last but not the least is “Newsstand” segment, which aggregates all the media. Google is planning to incorporate a new feature for “Subscribe with Google, which makes the media publication to provide subscription-based content” soon.

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