FDA Sanctions Its First Ever Approval For A Migraine Medicine

Migraine, which is a chronic and excruciating ailment, will now have a proper medicine, approved by the FDA or Food & Drug Administration.

As per the announcement, the drug named Aimovig is approved as a valid medicine that is given through self-injection. The pricing of the same has been decided as $575 a month and $6,900 a year. The exceptions related to the negotiations and discount on the prices will be decided based on the health plans.

The drug will be marketed by Amgen in amalgamation with Novartis. The officials said that the hiked price of the drug will depict its immense importance in the patient’s life. However, it will be given to the patients with commercial insurance. Amgen had won the approval from the FDA, U.S. which will be the first of its kind to cure the headache caused due to migraine in adults.

The treatment associated with the medicine is of top-notch technique that will target to create hindrance in the path of CGRP or Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide. CGRP is known to trigger migraine pain by dilating the blood vessels present in the brain.

Similarly, companies like Eli Lilly & Co. and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries are also working to produce medicine aligned to Aimovig.

The latest drug has shown significant results on the people who have issues with the episodic and chronic migraine attacks. The injection has not only reduced the frequency of the attacks but has also depleted the need for taking medicines regarding the same.

Due to the positive impacts, some of the analysts from Wall Street are even expecting the price of the medicine to soar to $10,000 a year. The sale of the drug is also anticipated to touch $1 billion in 4 years. However, the US manager of Prescription Benefits, Express Scripts, has requested the company to reconsider the price and design rebates.

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