TESS Captured Its First Photo, Showcase Its Capability To Reveal More

TESS, a recently launched exoplanet searching spaceship by NASA, has successfully captured its first image and showing us the power of its powerful eyes and what is its capability to show us. The team of investigators used one out the four cameras to click a 2-second image as a test to demonstrate their preparation for further endeavors.

TESS will start its actual science operations within a month. The photo that they captured has 200,000 stars in the southern constellation of Centaurus in the center, with the Beta Centauri, one of the brightest stars of the night sky on the lower left edge in the image.

Though, the image consists of 200,000 stars in the image. Researchers said it is just a small promo of what the eyes of TESS can actually see and show the world about the Galaxy in the coming months and years.

The spaceship is capable of capturing 400 times of the space than it has shown in the image. The new spaceship not just helps in discovering many exoplanets, but also helps in collecting more accurate data about them.

James Webb Telescope will be utilized by NASA to study the atmospheres of the exoplanet, which are going to be found by TESS in its space journey. Researchers are hoping to discover habitable planets in the close by galaxies and far from them as well.

It is reported that TESS has just completed its flyby of 5,000 miles above the lunar’s surface, when the ground team of the spaceship has captured the image. Now, the spaceship is getting ready for its final thruster burn scheduled to be happening on May 30, to enter in the highly elliptical orbit around the planet.

As soon as the tests will be done successfully and it is declared fully operational, the spaceship will take its first light (or first science-quality) photo, which will be published sometime in June.


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