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Microsoft Collaborates With Avanade And Accenture To Build Vertical AI Services

Microsoft is joining forces with Avanade and Accenture to develop custom AI services modified for clients in particular industry verticals. The joint venture fabricates on custom virtual-support agents that the company has been developing for clients such as Macy’s and HP.

That custom agent work—that is named “Dynamics 365 AI solutions” by Microsoft—does not have any association with Dynamics 365, the CRM/ERP offerings of Microsoft. The firm has been creating custom agents using the Bing data, Microsoft Knowledge Graph, and machine-reading technology of Microsoft for enterprise customers.

Microsoft will be working with Applied Intelligence group of Accenture to develop custom AI solutions aspired at the retail, telecommunications, and consumer-packaged goods market, as per blog post by Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Gavriella Schuster.

Schuster mentioned, “By merging Intelligent Customer Engagement framework of Accenture with the AI Solution for Care of Microsoft, the duo will allow digital assistants to better comprehend and act in response to numerous diverse needs of the customers.”

Accenture and Microsoft will also bring the IRG (Intelligent Revenue Growth) offering of Accenture onto the AI platform of Microsoft for the packaged-goods market. As per the post of Schuster, machine learning is used by IRG that enables the sales departments to recognize opportunities and set them up in the market up to 10x faster.”

For those speculating what officially comprises “AI platform” of Microsoft, it embraces AI tools, such as the AI kit for Azure IoT Edge as well as its Machine Learning Studio; Visual Studio Code Tools for AI; AI frameworks consisting of the Onnx format & the Azure Cognitive Toolkit; and AI-related infrastructure–that Microsoft recognizes as all from Azure Cosmos DB, to the Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure SQL Database, its IoT Edge service and Data Lake Store.

Recently, Microsoft has also officially unveiled new mixed reality workplace applications, namely, Layout and Remote Assist, in preview mode.

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