Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 To Power Mid-Range Smartphones

Qualcomm, the mobile chip maker, has rolled out a new processor in its latest 700 series of Snapdragon chipsets. As per Qualcomm, the latest Snapdragon 700 series of chipset will aim at mid-range Android handsets that are presently powering on Snapdragon 600 series processors. In the 700 series, the firm has just declared the first processor—Snapdragon 710. The firm states that the new chip will perform better than Snapdragon 600 range and has some functions of the superior Snapdragon 800 range of chipsets. Snapdragon 710-supported Android handsets can be anticipated to make an entry later this year.

The Snapdragon 710 by Qualcomm is the first mobile platform in the latest 700 series portfolio, developed to provide more AI abilities in mid-range Android handsets in the price section of below Rs 30,000. The new Snapdragon 710 series targets to offer customized AI experience for consumers via its multi-core AI Engine. It is claimed to enhance the performance in AI applications in comparison to Snapdragon 660.

On the imaging end, the Snapdragon 710 provides a Spectra 250 ISP and Hexagon 685 DSP. There is Aqstic Audio system by the firm for general system audio enhancement in addition to built-in security core. With Spectra 250 ISP, consumers can anticipate fast autofocus, better low-light photography reduction, smooth zoom, image stabilization, and real-time bokeh experiences. The Qualcomm Spectra 250 ISP is developed to provide resolutions of almost 20 MP dual ISP and 32 MP single ISP. Moreover, this will support Face Unlock and deep portrait modes with active depth sensing.

On a similar note, Facebook recently enlisted Qualcomm to offer the technology for its gigabit Wi-Fi initiative that is meant to make transferring data via routers more competent and augment the speed of Internet. New Qualcomm processor will be incorporated with the technology so that the producers can expectantly upgrade routers to be capable of sending data at the desired frequency.

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