Crypto Currency: A trial phase!

Crypto Currencies waver riotously in its value as a whole. According to Coin Desk, if you have been ensuing bitcoin since its last fall, you must have seen the worth of one unit of bitcoin upwelling from less than $5,000 in October 2017; crowning at more than &19,000 in early December and steadily make its way back down to $6,000 range today. For all the trades that do comprise of money, firms are looking for more stable crypto currencies with all of the blockchain trailing profits of crypto; detracting the explosive nature and lost value and time in the adaptation process. IBM a tech corporate, is that one company working to attest the ‘stable coin; solution which means it’s worth is based on the value of U.S. dollar at any given point of time.

IBM has counted on a currency called ‘Stellar Lumens,’ for any crypto exchanges. But conferring to a press release, this week the company proclaimed of engaging itself to Stronghold USD, to experiment with ways for financial institutions and other organizations to achieve sooner, safer and more proficient transaction processing and money transfer throughout the world’s economy. The 107-year-old heritage tech establishment has incorporated blockchain that triggers crypto currencies in its recent years. It is used for applications that include a cross-border payments network, tracking luxury goods such as diamonds and more.

Since Stronghold USD is only available as a business-to-business crypto currency, patrons cannot buy anything with it. But IBM’s implementation speaks to the trend and promises of crypto currency values based on and equal to the dollar. Mentioning about the stable coin, ‘Tether’ has been extensively adopted, despite of its true value being into a mammoth controversy. Rendering to, tether is often the second most traded crypto asset after bitcoin. Traders regularly trade in and out of it as they attempt to outwit bitcoin’s price swings.

Bitcoin is going to change the world from a money transactional standpoint for everyone.


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