Facebook taking steps for the future of AI.

Facebook, one of the most widespread social sites proclaimed numerous new hires of top academics in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on Tuesday. One of them who turns out to be a robot cist, is known for her work at Disney, is making several animated figures that move more like humans.

But here, rises a huge interrogation – Why is Facebook interested in robots, anyway?

Though Facebook is a social media colossal, it does use robotic arms in some of its data centers and this is why it is interested in mounting new mechanical friends. The answer is even more central to the delinquent of the functioning of AI. The most effective AI systems today, needs to be exposed to millions of data points that are categorized by humans, before they start identifying the outlines that people take for granted. Likewise, game-playing bots like, Goggle’s hi-tech Go master AlphaGo Zero entails tens of thousands of trials to acquire the best moves from their catastrophes. To make AI smarter in future, it is important to create systems that require less data and have more common sense.

Yann LeCun, AI scientist of Facebook said, “Undoubtedly we’re missing something in terms of how humans can learn so fast; that is why, so far the best ideas have come out of robotics.” Pieter Abbeel, a robot cist at the California University and Co-Founder of said that the field of robotics has a lot of benefits and limitations that push the advancement of AI. The real world is logically multifaceted, so robotic AI systems have to deal with astonishing events. Apart from this the real world restraints like, lack of time and the cost of keeping machinery moving, push researchers to resolve tougher glitches. Additional to this, there are more intangible applications of learnings from robotics. All these systems could also be modified to serve ads which turns out to be the mainstay of Facebook’s business.

This is not just a static decision, it is a vibrant one. It will not only entice attention also students too. The wider the research agenda, the better the labs become.


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