Now Virtual Exoplanet Excursions Are Offered By NASA

NASA has stepped into the virtual travel line with the launch of its new Exoplanet Travel Bureau. Element of the Exoplanet Exploration website of the space agency, the new “bureau” is actually an interactive learning site that offers the Internet sightseers with 360-degree artist’s impressions of what the exterior of several of exoplanets may appear like and also a compilation of downloadable travel pictures for those who cannot hang around for someone to create a hyperdrive.

Space scientists, for over a quarter of a century, have been discovering and verifying the subsistence of exoplanets—the planets that revolve around stars in addition to our Sun or even hover free in the interstellar space. Owing to space telescopes such as Kepler, the figure of verified exoplanets is at present in the thousands, along with several candidates waiting for affirmation.

Worth mentioning, the interactive world enables the visitors to see it both without and with an atmosphere. Scientists do not recognize whether Kepler-186f has an environment, at least one able to sustain life, however, it is amusing to envisage what the scene might appear like. The virtual world of NASA also has plants and water as hypothetical landscape elements to stir up the imagination.

In the meantime, the Exoplanet Travel Bureau was initiated by the Exoplanet Exploration Program team. In this, the visitors can discover the surface of the planet and learn more regarding it, and also download the posters to utilize as wallpapers or generate prints.

On the other end, the space agency recently pronounced a plan to set out a rover and a rotorcraft named Mars Helicopter by July 2020 to the Red Planet. While the rover discovers and collects specimens on Mars’s surface, the Mars Helicopter will be employed to explore close by regions and possibly give access to locations unreachable by the ground tour.

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