#BlackLivesMatter Finally Took Over Online Social Activism

Rally for the Black Man

Conspiracy in the “meme wars” going on in the United States has directed the mainstream media to focus its attention towards different social and political graphics underlying the biggest spike that came with the injustice that happened to Orlando Brown.

The rally held in Toronto is said to have surfaced the story of this man. The allegations that Barrie police tackled this man with brutality. The guy had some issues with his ID during a booking process. In a video captured by one of the investigators, a Taser can be seen used multiple times by the police. The government’s disclosure of deploying the FBI domestic terrorist group to deal with the black activists labeled as national threats, died in July 2016 during a police open fire at Dallas and Baton Rouge. Such incidences clearly speak for the injustice prevailing against black dissident voices.

Speaking of Orlando Brown, who was arrested by the Barrie police and was beaten and tasered to death on 23rd June, 2018. The group, Black Lives Matter (BLM), is profoundly committed to fight against racism nurtured through years now. They organized a rally seeking justice for Brown on Wednesday.

The BLM group took to social media and is utilizing it as a potent platform to encourage an impartial outlook across the country. BLM is working on developing a plan of action to broaden enforcement of new black leaders and thus placing liberation margins closer to the center of justice.

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