Delay In The Launch Of Falcon 9 And SES-12 Sparks The News

Recently, SpaceX has declared that it will delay the launch of the SES-12 satellite and Falcon 9 rocket to Monday, June 4. The company said that the delay is due to some additional tests left on the second stage of the Falcon 9. They added that the payload and the rocket are in good stage and they are working currently on the launch of the SES-12 satellite from Pad 40, which is in Florida.

Martin Halliwell, the chief technology officer, has a great confidence in the flight of the Falcon 9 but knew that there is an instance for second time flying of an orbital rocket. The officer stated that it has never been done before and everything will come apart at the seams. The last launch was totally successful and now it has started to become a norm for the SpaceX flights.

More On The Launch Of Falcon 9

The Falcon 9 booster was launched in last September from the Kennedy Space Center and helped to place the Air Force’s space plane named X-37B in the orbit. The height of the rocket is around 230-feet and at the top of it is a communication satellite which Halliwell termed as a brute.

The weight is around 12,00 pound built by the Airbus Defense and Space in France. It is the tallest and heaviest of its kind. It is two satellites combined into one.

The satellite entirely relies on the electric propulsion in order to reach the final orbit and holds over the equator. It will take months instead of weeks and days to reach there. The satellite will serve the Middle East Regions and Asia-Pacific region.

However, the main challenge is to land the rocket at the sea after lifting such a heavy satellite. SpaceX has decided to phase out the old model of the Falcon 9s and replace it with a new one in order to launch 10 times more.

So, what do you think about the launch of Falcon 9 and SES-12? Hope it turns out to be successful once again.

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