NASA Proclaims Maps of Global Soil Conditions Are the Future of Farming

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now utilizing data gathered from Soil Moisture Active Passive mission (SMAP), which is the first NASA satellite mission. The maps created by the space agency will be employed to supervise global croplands, make commodity forecasts, and will also help the USDA to forecast crops globally.

NASA had launched SMAP earlier in 2015. The aim of this satellite was to record the amount of water in soils worldwide. Recently, NASA proclaimed that this satellite will offer the mission with latest tools to better predict the presence or absence of moisture in the soil. This will help to maintain the farming.

John Bolten, Research Scientist, Goddard, proclaimed the requirement for identifying, supervising, and forecasting crops worldwide. He further added that SMAP is first satellite mission of NASA. It is devoted to soil moisture. Bolten proclaimed that it is a very simple approach to apply that data.

NASA offers the satellite data in maps. Soils wetter than the normal are shown in green shades. On the other hand, the soils that are drier than normal condition are shown in a brown shade.

NASA incorporates direct SMAP data on soil moisture into Crop Explorer. The Crop Explorer is USDA’s website for Foreign Agricultural Services. It gives information on regional droughts, floods, and crop forecasts.

After its launch, SMAP viewer is expected to offer updated global coverage after every 3 Days. The maps will be managed for Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA. Also, it will provide Crop Explorer with timely updates. These updates are essential for monitoring conditions and forecasting productivity.

Recently, NASA has announced a launch of a new mission in 2024. It is called as the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP). It is proclaimed that the launch will assist the scientists to better understand the bubble surrounding the solar system.

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