Poor Sleep Might Be Associated To Nighttime Snacking, Junk Food Cravings, Diabetes, And Obesity

Nighttime junk food cravings and snacking might add up to unhealthful eating behaviors. In addition, it might represent a possible link between obesity and poor sleep, as per a study by sleep researchers from University of Arizona Health Sciences.

The research was carried out through a phone-based and countrywide study of 3,105 people from 23 metropolitan regions of the US. Participants were asked if they frequently ate a nighttime snack. Moreover, they asked if the lack of sleep resulted them in craving for junk food. In addition, they were also asked about their current health issues and sleep quality. Almost 60% of people reported frequent nighttime snacking and 2/3rd claimed that lack of sleep resulted them in craving for additional junk food.

The scientists discovered that cravings of junk food were related with double the elevation in the possibility of nighttime snacking. On the other hand, nighttime snacking was linked with an elevated danger for diabetes. They also discovered that poor quality of sleep appeared to be a huge forecaster of cravings for junk food, and that these cravings were linked with a greater probability of people stating diabetes, obesity, and other health issues.

“Laboratory findings recommend that deprivation of sleep can result in cravings for junk food at night, which results in elevated unhealthful snacking at night. This snaking then results in weight gain. This research offers important data about the process,” claimed Michael A. Grandner, director of the UA Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic and the UA Sleep and Health Research Program as well as assistant professor of psychiatry.

On a similar note, new study spearheaded by Professor Stephanie Amiel and posted in Diabetologia verifies major regions of the brain that modify ability of patients to distinguish hypoglycemia. Professor Amiel is an RD at Lawrence Professor of Diabetic Medicine.

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