Study: Adding Chemo Does Not Has Influence In Breast Cancer Treatment

A milestone study by the doctors based on the genetic testing of evaluating the risk of each individual patient reports that, women with the most common form of breast cancer diagnosed at an early stage can opt out for chemotherapy without ruining their chances of curing the disease.

The research is the biggest in all time ever performed for evaluating the breast cancer treatment, and the outcomes are hoping to space up to 70K patients every year in the US and other elements and spending of the medicines.

Dr. Joseph Sparano, lead researcher, Montefiore Medical Center, New York, said, “The impact is remarkable.” He said, “A lot of women diagnosed with early-stage of cancer do not require any other treatment other than hormone therapy and surgery.

The research was sponsored by the NCI (National Cancer Institute), some organizations and health foundation and proceeds from the breast cancer postage stamp of the US. Findings of the report discussed at an American Society of Clinical Oncology conference on Sunday in Chicago and distributed by the New England Journal of Medicine. Few of the researchers consult the drug-makers and companies manufacturing the medicine and conducting gene test for breast cancer.

Based on the earlier findings of the research, around 17% of women who participated in the study has a higher risk of cancer and recommended to undergo chemotherapy. The other 16% of women with low-risk are aware of the fact that they can opt out chemotherapy and can go with other treatment alternatives.

The recent findings are on remaining 67% of women, who have intermediate risk, and every one of them had the hormone therapy and surgery and half of them also had the chemo. After 9 years of treatment, 94% of women from both groups are still breathing, and around 84% are living without any signs of cancer.

This shows that adding or removing chemotherapy does not have much influence if the disease could diagnose at early-stage.

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