Microsoft Acquires Github For $7.5 Billion

Microsoft has declared to take over Github, a San Francisco-based code-sharing site. It is a platform that enables the coders to coordinate with each other regarding their work and is preferred by various giants like Microsoft. The basic service offered by Github is available for free of cost. However, the extra services can be availed in exchange for a monthly charge of $21 for each user. This also allows the users to access the 24/7 assistance, which bestows the entire team with an expert access.

Microsoft has agreed to close the deal in exchange for $7.5 billion or £5.6 billion in stock. However, Github will continue its operation independently. The Chief Executive of Github, Chris Wanstrath will be shifting to another department within its organization to develop the tactical software initiatives. As per Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive of the Microsoft, the target of the technical giant is to get over the challenging scenarios through the innovative technologies that will also empower every developer creating it.

Presently, Github is being used by over 1.5 million firms that constitute 28 million developers. The application is not only restricted to a particular type of an industry but has been embraced by diversified kinds of organizations.

The newly formed business will be headed by the founder of Xamarin, Nat Friedman. In 2016, Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft, which offer services related to the development of mobile software.

The new business will allow the codes to be accessed by the public which will help others modify, share, and inspect those.

Amidst the deal, a UK-based app developer Malcolm Barclay also stated that presently Github is accessed with transparency without any fuss. However, with Microsoft taking over the platform, the system may become complicated, similar to that of Skype.

However, the amalgamation of Github and Microsoft is of high importance. Many people are looking forward to the association on a positive note, with a higher perspective.

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