SpaceX To Have Its 11th Rocket Launch Of The Year On Monday

The spaceship is used to deliver a communication satellite of 5.4 ton to GTO. SpaceX is ready to have its 11th successful launch of their rocket on Monday so as to accomplish the mission of delivering communication satellite into GTO (geostationary transfer orbit). The launch has a 4-hour window which opens at 04:29 UTC (12:29 am ET) from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The weather is favorable, with 70% chance of “Launch” conditions.

The spacecraft will utilize Falcon 9 rocket which is first used to launch the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle of US Air Force, on its 5th mission on September 2017. SpaceX is not going to try to recover the first stage rocket; instead, it will fall into the ocean.

The company is positive to utilize some more of its already used Block 4 version of Falcon 9 launcher before completely moving to Block 5 version amid later summer or early fall. The Block 5 version is optimized for reusability, and flown only one time, on May 11, 2018.

The SpaceX technicians and engineers are currently evaluating the resiliency and health of the booster to make sure that the Block 5 version can be flown a number of times without any need of major repairing. Musk said last month, “We are ready to be very tough to take the rocket apart and assuring our design predictions to be sure enough that it is certain to be reutilized without dissembling it.”

The launch on Monday is an attempt to deliver a 5.4-ton communication satellite (SES-12) into a high transfer orbit (GTO). This satellite is designed to provide data, video and other communication services all over the Asia Pacific as well as the Middle East region. As per the press kit of a mission, the second stage of the rocket will deploy the carried satellite 32 minutes and 14 seconds after its launching.

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