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Microsoft Deployed Its Data Center Underwater

In a huge decision towards converting energy from self-sufficient data centers, Microsoft has arranged a shipping and experimental container-size prototype near Scotland’s Orkney Islands on the seafloor. Having data centers with their separate sustainable supply of power might drive Internet connectivity all over the world. This is because data centers are considered as the foundation of the physical and the Internet clouds of Cloud.

This might be a benefit particularly for individuals residing in coastal areas. By placing data centers in water bodies, data might have a small distance to cover to reach coastal areas, leading to smooth and fast connectivity of Internet. Microsoft declared this arrangement of the data center, dubbed as Northern Isles, this week.

The program is fraction of the tech behemoth’s Project Natick. The project is an extended study effort to examine operating and manufacturing pre-packaged & environmentally sustainable data center units that can be rapidly deployed, ordered to size, and left to control lights out for years on the seafloor.

The data center was tested and assembled in France and exported to Scotland on a flatbed truck. There, it was equipped to a triangular ballast-filled base on the seabed for deployment. A cable from the Orkney Island network transports electricity to the data center, which needs just below 1/4th of megawatt power when working at packed capacity.

The theory is that the price of cooling the devices will be slashed by putting them below water, the media reported this week. “We believe we essentially get much enhanced cooling below water than on land,” claimed head of Project Natick, Ben Cutler, to the media in an interview.

On a similar note, to additionally facilitate data-powered culture, Rockmetric’s Digital Data Analyst solution has been incorporated with the Microsoft Kaizala. This will let firstline employees to share and access insights and ad-hoc data.

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