Now Instagram Will Let You Buy Products Through Stories

Now, the Instagram user won’t need to tediously hunt the web for the items featured on the Stories of their favorite brands. Until now, sellers can directly link and tag to products displayed in their Instagram Stories. The brands using this new tagging service so far consist of Aritzia, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and The Kooples.

Instagram users simply need to tap on the Story’s shopping bag icon for more features on the item and have the choice to buy the product from the brand directly—all without exiting the application. Though the click-to-shop tag has already been accessible within the feed of Instagram, the shift to Stories is a means for huge brands to exploit on the several watchers on their Stories daily. On the whole, Instagram reports daily active user base of 800 Million, of which 300 Million utilize the Instagram Stories feature.

In a press release, Instagram said, “In the latest review, Instagrammers stated they often saw stories to remain acquainted with brands they are interested in, receive an insider analysis of items they like, and discover about new items pertinent to them.”

Released in a while after Instagram tipped-off at plans to introduce its elite long-form video series—with a provisional launch date of June 20—these 2 new features may enable the watchers to witness a social media star wearing a specific item and then click on the link to purchase that exact product within minutes.

The purchase links for companies are free to utilize—at least for now. This latest click-to-shop Instagram feature can function as a means for Facebook to get items in front of viewers that watch television less. Instagram is not the only one to expand commerce offerings in the space of social media. Even, earlier this week, Snapchat reported that it is experimenting with shoppable Snap ads.

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