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Chemists Can Touch and Create Life-Enhancing Drugs Using VR Technology

Virtual reality, the answer to the most frightening question is what is the thing, do researchers need to bring for a new break-through in the drug industry.

With the advent of virtual reality, the first time in the history, researchers can get up-close with the molecules of a drug, they are creating. Holding to the molecules which are floating in front of them with two lightsabers, the scientist can get a close look and touch it to a required structure as it is possible in the physical world.

C4X Discovery, a Drug discovery company has built its very own VR tools, to help its researchers see and analyze the complex molecule structure and design new drugs. The company is involved in designing new medicines for chronic addiction and cancer, and currently, it is working with Indivior, a pharmaceutical company.

The scientists at C4XD are utilizing VR technology to build new drugs which are designed to treat various respiratory conditions as well as some neurodegenerative disorders like dementia and Parkinson.

Medicinal chemist, Thorsten Nowak, C4XD, says that begin to work with VR tech for developing medicines is a transformative milestone to achieve, this technology has all of a sudden made the molecules a part of our real world and we have the ability of manipulating them in front of all to make it more effective, just like people are compare two fruits.”

Earlier, the whole process from the first entity to the final drug trial was based on trial and error method until we find the best functional molecule out of everything. With the advent of VR technology, in addition with the more details about the molecule, it also lessens the error margin in the process of drug discovery, says C4XD.

The team working on 4Sight is in the process of making efforts to develop sonification of molecules which would add sound in the molecule modeling process to make it more effective and fun activity.

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