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Netherlands Leads The Way To World’s First Ever 3D Printed Smart Homes

Not only smartphones, smart homes are also trending that are jammed with the latest technologies. This time, the Netherlands will become the trendsetter by selling the first concrete house printed in 3D. The Project Milestone will be launching the first of the 5 such houses as a part of the project.

The project will be meeting its destiny in association with the Eindhoven University of Technology, Municipality of Eindhoven, contractor Van Wijnen, Witteveen and Bos, Vesteda who is the real estate manager, and material firm Saint Gobain-Weber Beamix.

The houses will not have a regular or solid shape. Rather, it will have erratic blocks and uneven shape on a green foundation. The designs are planned by the top-notch real estate planners in order to achieve high-quality outcome amalgamated with extreme sustainability.

The other four projects will also be accomplished after the first one launches. In the meantime, the research regarding the concrete printing will continue in order to give the innovation a proper shape. This, in turn, will assist the constructors to implement the latest designs and technologies in the next houses. The printing of the first project will be accomplished by the University’s concrete printer.

The city of Eindhoven has witnessed 3D concrete printing with a concrete bridge dedicated to the cyclists in the Gemert village. Hence, this type of printing is very popular there. Theo Salet is a prominent personality of the concrete printing, who is the professor of concrete technology.

China has a bus stop that is 3D printed with the help of recycled materials. This technology will definitely revamp the thinking potential of the researchers and will offer a new direction to the idea of waste recycling. The latest technology also emphasizes on retaining the existing structures by printing just on the areas that either need repair or touch-up.

There are also many companies that are coming up with the latest technology that includes IoT and 3D printing.

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