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We at Latest Industry News are obliged and understand the value of trust that you readers put on us as you visit our site, and therefore we assure you that your privacy concerns is of equal importance to us. You as a visitor, need to be fully aware of why and what kind of personal information we collect through direct, automated, or via third party web analytics.

What kind of personal information we collect?

In order to understand the trend analytics of our website and merely for monitoring purposes, we collect timestamp of readers at each visit. This excludes all other personal data, such as name, age, phone number, email address, and the likes. So be rest assured, all your personal data is safe with you!

Advertisements and Cookies

For the generation of internal revenue Latest Industry News makes use of Google’s AdSense, a third-party application as well as cookies for displaying promotional images and advertisements. However, what is good to know is that with DART cookies, you will receive ads that are based on your browsing history, which is strictly in accordance with the privacy policy adopted by Google. The revenue we generate through ads and promotions will be useful for improving our services as well as marketing efforts. You as a reader, have the choice of blocking cookies by altering the settings on your browser.

What you need to know about third-party websites whose links we may sometimes provide:

Sometimes, external or third-party links are embedded on our news items. This is just for readers to get a more detailed information, in case they wish to pursue their interest and delve further into the topic that intrigues them. What is important to know, is that once you are redirected, your security is no longer in our hands, but is managed and governed by the external website’s policies. Latest Industry News therefore advises you to be on the safer side and be aware of all these policies beforehand.

Changes to Privacy Policy

As the owners of this website, we reserve the right to change the regulations as and when we want, without having any obligations to give a prior notice. For any further queries regarding the privacy policy used by Latest Industry News, please contact us at

About Us

With a motto of creating a platform for discussion and debates, Latest Industry News has been newly started by a team of passionate contributors who wish to expand their knowledge as well as those of the readers regarding the latest happenings and developments in the dynamic fields of Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, Finance & Banking, Communication and Space & Science. The site aims to offer an unbiased view on the ongoing affairs within the aforementioned industry verticals as and when it happens, so that readers are brought up to speed.